Pickens County Auditor
Military Exemptions

General Information

The Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act exempts military personnel, whose HOME OF RECORD
is somewhere other than the State of South Carolina, from paying Pickens County Personal
Property Taxes, if the following provisions are met:

  • You are a military person stationed in Pickens County.
  • Your HOME OF RECORD is somewhere other than the State of South Carolina.

On registering your vehicle or other personal property in Pickens County, you provide a
Domicile (obtained from your Joint Legal Office) to the Pickens County Auditor.

A title, bill of sale or current registration from another state must be presented at the office of
the Auditor along with an ORIGINAL Affidavit of domicile or a photocopy registered in Pickens
County for that particular calendar year. An LES is good for the current month up to two
months prior to the current month.

The personal property (vehicles, watercraft items or a mobile home used as a residence)
must be singularly titled in the name of the military person in order to qualify for a 100%
exemption or must be housed aboard a military installation. If the property status is not
aboard a military installation and is titled in the names of people in addition to the military
person, then the property would be subject to half of the taxes normally due on said property.
Additionally, personal property titled to a lease company would be subject to all taxes, as the
property is not legally owned by the military person.

Application for military exemption on personal property must be made in person or by
someone acting on behalf of the military person. EXEMPTION SLIPS WILL NOT BE
MAILED !!!!!