182 Prison Camp Road
Pickens, SC  29671
Phone: (864) 898-5931
Fax: (864) 898-1877

Prison Director - Drew Sisco
Phone: (864) 898-5935


The Mission of the Pickens County Prison is to provide quality services that improve and enhance the safety, cleanliness, health and quality of life in our community through inmate labor while developing work ethic, job skills, and employment opportunities in an effort to eliminate re-incarceration.


• Safety:  Operate a safe, secure and efficient prison in accordance with state and federal laws.

• Self-sufficiency:  Work to lower operational costs through self-sustaining work using the tools and resources available to improve the daily operations of the prison while striving to build competent, well-trained and effective correctional officers.

• Rehabilitation:  Develop skills among the inmate population to foster personal growth in family, finances, work-ethic and job placement in an attempt to eliminate re-incarceration.

• Work Release: Develop a thriving work release program that places significant value on family court inmates and their dependents.


a. Due to security reasons we do not give out release dates. You can obtain this information from the inmate.

b. Unless deemed an emergency by staff, we will not pass along messages to inmates.  In all non-emergency information should be handled through the mail.

c. Inmates may release some of their property to an individual designated by the inmate. Property may be picked up Monday – Friday 9:00am – 2:00pm

d. All visitation information can be found on the visitation form document located HERE.